• Scracchio is

    The multifunctional cloth appreciated by millions of customers all over the world

    • Result of research into innovative materials and advanced production technologies.
    • Exceptional qualities of breathability, resistance, elasticity and durability.
    • Indispensable and irreplaceable tool; it uses only water and does not require detergents.
    • Does not leave streaks and lint. For dusting and polishing, simply use it wet.
    • Millions of pieces sold have decreed the success of Scracchio around the world.
  • 25

    years of presence on the international market.
  • 5

    98% satisfied customers with 5 star reviews.
  • 2.5 million

    of cloths sold in North America.
  • € 320

    annual savings on cleaners and detergents.
  • Our patent for invention

  • Imagine owning something exclusive, protected by a European and American Patent, a rare privilege that only a few companies can boast. This is Scracchio.

Our market

From the domestic environment to commercial activities

Our mission

We are committed daily, investing in research and innovation, so that our products exceed all expectations.

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