Scracchio with just water makes cleaning all surfaces quick and easy

Scracchio, loved by millions of consumers all over the world, is the only cloth for cleaning all surfaces that lasts over 5 years!

 - Cleaning with water only. Simply keep it moist to achieve surprising results, thus saving time, effort and money. Its special High-Use fiber allows you to clean with just a few passes, carrying it out in less time.


- Multifunctional. Its ability to dust, clean, dry and polish makes it suitable for all surfaces such as glass, mirrors, steel appliances, furniture and cars. Its versatility makes it ideal not only for the entire home, but also for the office and commercial activities.


- Friend of the environment. Scracchio, for all cleaning, does not require detergents or chemical substances and, for this reason, in addition to allowing substantial economic savings, it is confirmed to be an Eco-friendly product.

Dimension: 33x45cm
SKU: 90001
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Before or during cleaning, simply rinse Scracchio with running water only.



After rinsing Scracchio, just wring it out and leave it just wet.



With Scracchio humid you can proceed with dusting and cleaning: the result will be exceptional.


Conventional cloth Crack
Average duration Less than 1 year More than 5 years
Wear resistance Medium-low High
Fiber elasticity Low High
Fiber absorbency Medium-low High
Functions of use 1 4
In contact with surfaces May leave streaks It doesn't harm them
For excellent cleaning, you need: Chemical cleaners and cleaners Just water
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    • How to use Scracchio cloth for the first use?

      For the first use, rinse Scracchio thoroughly under warm running water, rubbing vigorously to remove any processing residues.

    • How do you use the Scracchio cloth?

      Wet Scracchio under running tap water and wring it out, leaving it slightly damp. To dust, use the cloth on the side opposite the logo. To clean, polish and dry, use the side with the logo.

    • Can detergents be used together with Scracchio?

      Scracchio's High Use fiber allows you to dust, clean, dry and polish without the use of detergents, therefore, in contact with chemical agents, the functionality and durability of the cloth could be compromised. If necessary, we recommend diluting a little denatured alcohol in water or using our Detercrema line.

    • How long does Scracchio last?

      According to the numerous testimonies of those who have tried it and the materials with which it was designed, Scracchio has a lifespan of more than 5 years.

    • Can Scracchio be washed in the washing machine?

      Yes, if excessively dirty, it can be machine washed at low temperature with a mild detergent and without using bleach or fabric softener.

    • How do you clean the Scracchio cloth? And how is it preserved?

      After each use, rinse Scracchio with plenty of water and neutral detergent. Avoid using aggressive detergents such as ammonia or bleach. After wringing it, let it air dry, avoiding exposing it directly to sunlight or heat sources. Before storing it, make sure it is completely dry.

Customer Reviews

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Ida Carano
Pareri super positivi e richiesta info

Ho già da tanti anni lo scracchio ...e ho approfittato per dividere le spese di spedizione con un'amica a cui ne parlavo e che voleva provarlo, per comprarne uno nuovo anche per me. Anzi mi chiedevo...avendo aperto da poco più di un anno un "concept store sostenibile" come si può fare per diventare rivenditore?!

Buongiorno Ida, ti ringraziamo vivamente per la tua recensione. Il vostro parere è per noi importante e ci sprona ad operare meglio affinché i nostri prodotti possano superare ogni aspettativa.
In merito alla tua richiesta di collaborazione come rivenditore Scracchio, provvederemo a contattarti al più presto.
Restiamo a tua disposizione.

Team Scracchio

Alessia Lombardi
Top acquisto!

Facilissimo.Lo uso per lavare i vetri e specchi,è davvero ottimo. Basta bagnarlo e strizzare bene...vetri pulitissimi senza detersivi

Michele La Grutta
Lo consiglio.

Ho un panno scracchio da più di dieci anni ottimo cattura la polvere e non lascia aloni lo consiglio

Roberta Audia
Oltre 13 anni

L'ho conosciuto 13 anni fa ed allora non posso piu vivere senza...... Mi aiuta a pulire meglio senza fatica e con un risultato eccellente. Provare per credere
È eccezionale.

Raffaella Scielzo

Usato su finestre molto sporche funziona davvero bene.

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