Odorfix air fresheners: give yourself intoxicating sensations

Returning home and finding a fragrant environment arouses pleasant sensations, the same sensations that our guests feel when we welcome them into our most cherished environment and they smell a good smell.
Often, however, choosing the right fragrance, the one that best represents us, is difficult among the many fragrances available.
Not to mention the different types of perfumers: there are the classic sprays, the vaporizers, the candles to perfume the environment but, there it's a "but".
The ones just listed are perfumes that, rather than neutralizing odors, cover them with chemical substances and synthetic essences, ending up damaging the air we breathe every day.
But not all air fresheners are like this. Let's see why!


Odorfix , the perfumer that does not stain fabrics.


Today I'm telling you about the Odorfix line, created by Scracchio to satisfy those consumers who want an essence that refreshes and perfumes their home.
Odorfix perfumers are different from the perfume diffusers we are used to. In fact, these are perfumers to be vaporized on fabrics (such as sofas, carpets and fabrics of all kinds)! Their double-action composition is made up of a superior perfumed phase and a lower fixative. This complex combination of pure essences is the ideal solution for refreshing any type of environment.

Furthermore, thanks to the manufacturing process, the dispensing of the product allows the essences to attach themselves to the fibers of the fabrics, releasing the odor slowly. In this way, the fragrance will last at least 3 days!
Once again we must say: seeing is believing!
If you're wondering why they should be sprayed on fabrics and not dispersed into the environment, you're not the only one! They are ecological deodorants, without gas, therefore there is no risk of staining the fabrics.

“Okay, but what about the fragrances?”

There are three fragrances, all natural-basedLotus , with a delicate touch, Citrus fruits, for a perfume strong and decisive and Aloe for a fresh essence.
There are three of them, you won't be spoiled for choice and then end up with a headache-inducing perfume! These three scents were selected by consumers who care about hygiene, cleanliness and the scent of their home as much as you do.
What are the other types of uses for these perfumers?
How about a sprinkle on the car upholstery?! Or, how about sprinkling some into radiator humidifiers in winter, or on air conditioning grills in summer?


But how do you use this new air freshener?


Read carefully everything I'm about to tell you.

First shake the bottle well, always keeping a distance of 50 cm from the fabric on which you want to spray the product and then off to the spray. Just one will be enough.

Well, now you know everything and you are ready to use Odorfix perfumers.

Now all you have to do is choose the fragrance that's right for you and perfume the rooms you care about most!

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