Imagine a wool or cashmere sweater, a silk blouse or garments with lace, ribbons and sequins. How would you wash them? Doubts? Don't worry, today I will talk to you about how to best wash your delicate clothes!

It is known that these clothes would not survive a 60° washing machine cycle with spin cycle and subsequent dryer, immersed in water with other clothes. You have to be very careful. You don't want to wear ruined clothes?! For this type of fabric there are different methods and different products to use during washing to keep their softness, shape and color unaltered.

Here are some tips that I have compiled for you!

For machine washes:

- Make sure the wash is set to ''cold/cold'', ''delicate'' or something similar;

- Always consult the internal label of the clothes and follow the washing instructions;

- Do not wash with water above 40°;

- Washes delicate items of the same fabric. For example, lace with lace, wool with wool and so on. This is because delicates do not fade but could absorb color from items made of other fabrics.

- Let them dry in the open air and not in the dryer.

For hand washing:

- Always immerse your clothes in cold or lukewarm water. This way you will eliminate dirt without causing shrinkage of the fabrics!

- Don't overdo rubbing, you risk ruining the details of some items.

- Rinse the clothes in clean water, preferably in another basin;

- Don't squeeze them too much, they are delicate!

To dry, place a clean white towel on a flat surface, then lay the clothes flat, after giving them their correct shape.

A home trick to remove dirty stains: immerse the garment in a basin of warm water and add a capful of dishwashing liquid! Well. Do you think the wash mode is the most important variant to protect your clothes? You are wrong.

To wash delicate clothes you need the right product, preferably a natural one. Which? I'll introduce him to you right away!

Detercrema Fabrics and Delicate Items , is the detergent designed to restore softness and freshness to your delicate items! It is the perfect detergent for all those garments that require non-aggressive washing, also capable of removing any dirt stains.

Detercrema for delicate fabrics and garments is super concentrated and based on natural enzymes which ensure that the fibers of washed garments do not stiffen. On the contrary, in fact, it enhances the natural softness of these particular fabrics, wash after wash.

Plus, it makes ironing easier! As? Thanks to the same natural enzymes that do not alter the consistency of the fabric fibres. It is also recommended for treating children's clothing, delicate cotton or wool sweaters, duvets, quilts, curtains, sofa covers. Don't forget t-shirts with prints and logos! They are considered delicate items, wash them inside out. With Detercrema Fabrics and Delicate Items you will not have to use any fabric softener and at the end of the wash your clothes will have a light floral scent.


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