washing the dishes is an action that we have to do every day. In fact, it will also happen to you that, despite the presence of a dishwasher in your home, you often find yourself washing the dishes by hand.
Well, when you happen to wash dishes manually, which detergent do you use and how many bottles do you buy each month? The reason for these questions is to lead you to reflect on:
  • Costs,
  • Waste,
  • With Detercrema Universale you do NOT have annoying streaks to remove and household cleaning is speeded up.


On the market we find different categories of detergents for dishes (and for all uses):
  • Traditional detergents,
  • Concentrated and super-concentrated,
Traditional detergents are the detergents we are used to seeing on the shelves, on sale at an (apparently) low price, generally composed of toxic, non-biodegradable and often useless elements even for cleaning purposes.
Why do I say apparently? Because the saving is not the price, but:
  • The quantity of the product to use to have a good result;
  • The quality of the elements of which it is composed.
  • The advantage of washing dishes using concentrated and super-concentrated detergents


Have you ever looked for information on concentrated or super-concentrated detergents?
Many of us do not inform ourselves and do not look for products of this type. Do you know why? Out of laziness. The consequence of this laziness is only one: we end up spending a lot of money and spending it on the wrong products.
If we were less of a habit and if we informed ourselves more before buying a product, we would know that concentrated and super-concentrated detergents allow us to save a lot of money in the long run: the quantity to be used is smaller and, consequently, we will need fewer bottles .


The advantage of washing dishes using biodegradable detergents


The last type of detergent, but last but not least, is the biodegradable one.

I am referring to those products composed of vegetable surfactants, natural enzymes and essential oils which - therefore - do not damage the environment.

Now I want to ask you: if there was a super-concentrated, biodegradable and effective detergent against the grease on your dirty dishes, would you try it?

Well, the good news is that it exists and I want to introduce it to you: it's called DISH AND TABLEWARE CLEANER .

It is a detergent for hand washing and you can use it in these quantities: 1 cap for each liter of water. Detercrema Dishes and Crockery is also perfect for hypersensitive people because it is composed exclusively of plant extracts.


Some suggestions for you who decide to try it

  • If there are only a few dishes and dishes to wash, wash them by hand;
  • Do not keep the tap open during the entire wash: wash in still water and then rinse;
  • Remove food residues before washing dishes;
  • If the pans are encrusted, leave them to soak in water and a little detergent;
Don't use a lot of product. Effective cleaning also depends on the type of rubbing during washing;


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