Washing the car is one of the activities that you love and hate at the same time. You hate it, because between very long times, necessary tools and sometimes poor results it is difficult to effectively complete this task. You love it, because in any case the car will always be cleaner and smellier than when you decided that the time had come to freshen up what is ultimately your second home!
But how much effort do you have to make?
Between cloths, rags for drying, water sticks and newspapers for the windows, detergents and disinfectants, how many things do you need to think about? And how long does it take each time?
One of the solutions is definitely to leave it to a car wash and come back to pick it up after a few hours, clean and shiny.
But not all that glitters is gold: in fact, disadvantages also exist in this case.
However professional they may be, the car wash operators will NEVER EVER put in the same effort, care and attention that YOU use to clean YOUR car; the costs are MUCH higher than you would have to do an identical (if not better) job; Plus, the sense of satisfaction you get after spending hours caring for and literally polishing your car, well, it's unparalleled.
So, why not look for a solution that is more practical and long-lasting than the one you have used up to now?
Surely, as satisfying as it may be, washing your car is also a very tiring activity for you. How many rags, how many detergents, how many makeshift tools do you have to carry with you every time? How many do you forget? How much time do you have to spend to get a decent result? How annoying is it to get back into the car after washing it and notice right there, on the windshield, a forgotten halo?
In fact, there are also inconveniences for those who choose to wash the car by hand. I correct myself. There are also inconveniences for those who choose to wash the car by hand:
  • without the right tools;
  • without organization;
  • without method.
I say this because there is a solution, and millions of men have already adopted it with great satisfaction. Continue on, and you will be able to read their testimonies.
What is this solution? Scracchio, the miracle cloth that will make your car shine.
What I am about to tell you may seem obvious to you, yet many seem to constantly forget this simple truth: any object, even the oldest and most shabby, is more beautiful if it is clean.
Scracchio Superfici is the definitive solution to achieve just this.
Abandon your worries and take back the time to dedicate to yourself, to your family, to what is important to you, driving around in a car that will stand out for its splendor and the absence of any type of stain! Why? Because Scracchio doesn't require attention, but just 2 simple moves; you have to:
  1. wet Scratch under running water and clean the surfaces of your car using the opposite side of the fabric (the side opposite the brand): it will impress you both for the interior and for the car body!
  2. rinse the cloth, wring it out and dry it using the side of the fabric where the brand is present.
If you're wondering if Scracchio will work against:
  • Dust;
  • Mud;
  • Dirty water;
  • Limestone;
  • Midges/Insects.

The answer is YES, Scracchio Superfici will quickly and easily eliminate all the stains caused by these agents.
The cloth is very useful especially for cleaning car interiors, because its particular fiber traps the dust that forms on the dashboard, seats, doors, glove compartments and so on.
Furthermore, one of the advantages of Scracchio is that it works without detergent , BUT if you want to polish the bodywork and disinfect the interior leaving a pleasant eucalyptus scent in the passenger compartment you can dilute 2 caps of concentrated Detercrema Universale in 5 liters of water. Detercrema Universale is a Natural and Ecological detergent, NON-AGGRESSIVE because it is obtained with plant extracts.



Forget your grandmother's advice, the information you got here and there online, the advice of friends and entrust your household chores to the number 1 ally of all motorists: Scracchio Superfici.
Always carry a Scracchio with you in the car. You won't need anything else, for a very long time, because Scracchio boasts a durability extended over the years, unlike microfibre or leather cloths, which force you to replace them after a handful of washes.

How often do you have to repeat these operations to have a shiny car? Well, this depends on the time you have available and how intensively you use your machine. It is clear that by repeating the cleaning more often the procedure will seem simpler and less tiring.
On the contrary, if more time passes between one cleaning and another, the dirt will tend to settle more.
The real advantage of Scracchio Superfici is that it does not necessarily have to be combined with a detergent: it works very well even with running water alone .

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