People all over the world are wondering how to clean leather sofas and have purchased such a product which, however elegant and impressive it may appear, is in reality a fragile product that needs to be preserved over the years.

Indeed, leather sofas require a lot of attention and maintenance since their upholstery is obtained right from animal skin.

Consequently, even if during the processing of leather industrial processes tend to preserve its characteristics, we must not forget that it is still a product of animal origin and as such must be cared for and nourished, never neglected.

Each natural leather upholstery must be cleaned at least once a week and the cleaning must be carried out in an equally natural way: otherwise the risk is that of finding yourself with a sofa with dry or even discolored leather and lesions.

The living room at home is the area where you sit and seat guests, where you abandon yourself to conversations and thoughts that distract you from all the upheavals you've experienced during the day.

The living room is therefore that piece of the house that has the function of making your guests and yourself comfortable (when you have time to live in it).

But more than anything else, it is the showcase of your home, the place that communicates how well you have been able to clean and maintain the entire house.

The sofa is the central element, which is why it must be presentable, impeccable, perfect.

I realize, however, that among all the household chores to which it silently assists, this leather sofa often finds itself acting as an object holder or as a temporary support point for inappropriate items (clothing accessories, shopping bags and so on). it has, the more you put it) inevitably ending up getting dirty (in the best of cases).

Therefore, a way or tool that allows you to clean it quickly and functionally becomes necessary, without having to take out the arsenal for cleaning a castle every time.

The best course of action, in these cases, is to schedule daily cleaning, or at most every other day, in order to:

- have a leather sofa that is always sanitized and disinfected;

- prevent dirt from accumulating day after day, and having to resort to more aggressive tools such as vacuum cleaners, special sponges and chemical detergents.

If you are already thinking about how difficult it may be for you to organize yourself in this sense, stop for a moment.

Continue reading and you will see how millions of people around the world have improved their way of cleaning their homes (not just their leather sofa) and redeemed their well-deserved free time along with greater satisfaction, all thanks to a product that until then they did not know.

Scracchio Superfici is the miracle cloth that will make your sofa shine, definitively freeing it from marks and stains, without leaving lint

Whether it's a Chesterfield sofa, a classic sofa or any other type, the High Use Scracchio fiber cloth is what will help you clean a leather sofa in the short time it takes for the unwanted guest to travel the distance from the doorbell at the door of your house!

Are you wondering how? First of all, you just need to know that Scracchio Superfici can be used SIMPLY MOISTened , on the not very dirty sofa with the result of a dusted and rehydrated skin, without residues or streaks.

If, however, you find yourself in the presence of greasy or stubborn dirt, but in any case at least once a month, I recommend cleaning with cleansing milk , wiped with a soft sponge, and then wiping the slightly dampened Scracchio Superfici cloth over the entire surface. sofa so as to make the sofa more brilliant.

If you don't have cleansing milk, you can easily use ordinary skimmed milk that you have at home, in a solution of ½ water and ½ milk.

Another fundamental tip is to try whatever you want to do for the first time, on a hidden side of the sofa for a surface area of ​​a few centimetres, in order to observe its reaction and avoid unpleasant surprises due to the unpredictable reactions of the skin.




Forget your grandmother's advice, the information you got here and there online, the advice of your friends and entrust your household chores to ally number 1: Scracchio Superfici .
There are ONLY 2 things you will have to do:
  1. wet Scratch it under tap water, lukewarm or hot, and pass it on your sofas;
  2. rinse the cloth, wring it and proceed with drying.
How often do you have to repeat these operations to have shiny sofas? Well, this depends on the time you have available to dedicate to cleaning your living room. It is clear that by repeating the cleaning several times a week the procedure will seem simpler and less tiring. On the contrary, if several days pass between one cleaning and another, dirt and dust will tend to settle more.

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