The oven is one of the appliances that is never missing in the kitchen. There are many dishes that can be prepared: sweet or savory cakes, light and fat-free dishes. In short, for those who love to experiment and try new recipes, the oven is always the ideal ally.

As simple to use as it is tedious to clean.

Good habit dictates that it is cleaned after each use, but raise your hand if you haven't done so at least once.

Sometimes it's almost imperceptible, but grease stains can hide in the most unlikely corners and crumbs in the most unreachable crevices. If neglected, they can turn into caked-on dirt that is difficult to remove.

Many wonder how to clean the oven with natural methods.
But how effective is it to use these remedies?

There is endless online research about the valid methods for cleaning the oven, about the most effective natural products and ingredients to use.

Each of these searches refers to an infinite series of natural remedies based on products that can only be found in your home pantry. Numerous forums and blogs talk about it and almost everywhere online there are testimonies from those who have had the same problem. Has this happened to you too?

Maybe following this research you will also have convinced yourself and will have chosen to try to resolve that stubborn dirt by appealing to those remedies. You will have taken the necessary ingredients suggested by the web and, in no time at all, you will have transformed yourself into an expert chemist, one of those busy mixing multiple products together in order to obtain the magic potion useful for thoroughly cleaning your oven.

Once you have obtained the desired mixture you will have crossed your fingers and started your cleaning. The result? Goodbye encrustations and welcome streaks!

The flop of oven cleaning products.       

But natural remedies are not the only flop that many stumble upon.
There will have been (at least) one time when you purchased a product to clean your encrusted oven, directly from the shelves of a supermarket. The problem with commercial products is that the stain often goes away, but the surface of the oven remains opaque and struggles to shine. To everyone who has had at least one of these problems, a solution must be provided that puts an end to all the stubborn dirt in the world.

The solution: Scracchio Cucina

Scracchio Cucina is the only cloth capable of giving you the result you are looking for. We know very well that cleaning kitchen appliances can often become a real torture, especially when the marks and dirt just don't want to go away. Scracchio Cucina is your best ally.

Thanks to the advanced technology, it is the only cloth that allows you to clean, degrease and polishyour oven in the shortest time possible. And you can also use it for hobs, stoves, hoods, fridges and sinks.

It is also easy to use, lasts longer than a normal cloth and speeds up cleaning operations.

Many people have already tried it and, after initial skepticism, they were surprisingly satisfied with the effectiveness of Scracchio Cucina .

And for the most stubborn dirt?

We do not recommend using commercial products combined with Scracchio Cucina, because they could damage the fibers of the cloth.
Detercrema UltraSgrassatore is the only detergent you can use with Scracchio Cucina.

The best ally for eliminate the most stubborn dirt in your oven. A small amount of product is enough to clean and sanitize not only your oven but also other kitchen surfaces. It leaves no streaks and eliminates those annoying odors which can persist for several hours in the oven.

For those looking for natural remedies , Detercrema UltraSgrassatore is ideal. Its formula is composed entirely of natural raw materials and non-petroleum-derived surfactants. It is a natural antibacterial and combines maximum effectiveness of the degreasing action with full respect for the environment and for the skin of the hands.

Were you looking for the ideal solution to clean your oven? You found it.

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