A book could be written on how to clean parquet. And those who are lucky enough to have a wooden floor know this. Luck, yes, because although challenging it may be to take care of it and keep it in good condition, the parquet manages to give in exchange a particular atmosphere together with sensations of warmth and welcome that no ceramic can provide to date.


I like to define parquet as a sort of "living floor". In fact, it is able to perceive and react to the conditions of the surrounding environment: light, humidity and temperature.

Consequently, there is no doubt that this type of floor deserves greater care and attention than that which could be reserved for any other type of ceramic floor.

Don't worry.


You will not have to spend hours and hours polishing, applying and removing the wax, especially for the most modern parquet floors, which undergo treatments capable of making their maintenance much more simple compared to the past.

At this point I must make a clarification: it is necessary to distinguish between extraordinary cleaning, i.e. what you carry out once or a few times a year, and ordinary cleaning, i.e. what happens every day.


Extraordinary maintenance of the parquet must be done based on the characteristics of your floor (type of treatment undergone, smooth, brushed or irregular surface and so on), therefore for For this aspect I recommend you refer to the technical data sheet that the supplier gave you at the time of purchase.


Ordinary maintenance, on the other hand (i.e. daily washing and cleaning), must take place regardless of the characteristics I have just told you.

There are two essential steps for washing parquet:

  • With an electrostatic cloth or a vacuum cleaner, clean the parquet from all the accumulated dust;
  • You can start the actual washing.

It is at this point that most of the doubts of discouraged women arise that we have chosen to welcome and resolve: Which detergent should I use? How much detergent do I use? How much water should I pour? What type of cloth do I use? Is a brush better or a water trowel?


In fact there was a strong need to know the answer to all these questions.

You cannot afford to make mistakes, given that the slightest mistake, the smallest carelessness can ruin your parquet forever: think of a beautiful indelible stain of aggressive detergent (or a scratch!) right in front of the entrance door!

Washing parquet, in fact, is a rather serious task.


Fortunately, with enormous satisfaction, more and more people around the world have chased and caught the solutiononce and for all. If you're curious, you can read their testimonials below!


Don't take risks, and try to rely on and trust people who have been studying and cleaning parquet floors for years. But let's take it easy.

Scracchio Parquet is the miracle cloth that will make every single plank of your parquet shine. Scracchio is the definitive solution for cleaning your parquet.

Abandon all your worries and take back the time to dedicate to yourself, to your family, to what is closest to your heart!


Because Scracchio?

Because it is the result of the application of advanced production technologies together with the use of selected and valuable raw materials.

The exceptional qualities of resistance, elasticity and practicality have made it unique and irreplaceable for keeping any type of wooden floor shiny for longer.


Do we want to talk about the advantages?

  1. Practicality. The High Use fiber with which the Scracchio cloth sweeps away dirt is the one recommended for washing parquet. Don't worry and put away all the long-haired or short-haired clothes that you have accumulated up to now. Only one cloth is needed to clean your parquet. Crack.
  2. Long duration. Read the testimonies of women who no longer needed to constantly buy new cloths FOR YEARS.
  3. Does not leave lint. On the surfaces you are going to treat, NEVER EVER will you have to remove even a single hair or residue. Your wood will literally remain spotless.

How to use?

Rub Scracchio Parquet with hot or lukewarm water and squeeze it lightly, proceed to clean the parquet with the fabric facing opposite to the mark, the slight porosity of the fiber will allow you to eliminate shoe marks together with all stains.

Rinse Scracchio in the bucket of water, wring it out thoroughly and proceed to dry the floor with the fabric facing towards the brand. In a very short time it will be shiny and uniform.

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