Get rid of marks and fingerprints, say goodbye to dirty steel and dull silver and say hello to your free time. When entering a house, it is practically impossible not to find steel or silver objects or furnishing accessories.

Steel is a very resistant alloy and therefore used in all aggressive contexts such as industry strong> (industrial kitchens, work tools) but also at home (outdoor furniture, sinks, taps and so on).

Silver, on the other hand, is simply elegant. It gives that touch of care and refinement to objects such as cutlery, jewelery and furnishing accessories in general.

What can make these two very different materials similar? The dirt, of course!

Stains, fingerprints, blackened and opaque parts are always around the corner ready to threaten and attack the splendor and brightness of these metals. On the occasion of major cleaning, or an unexpected visit, it's always the time for your steel and silver surfaces to show up with a nice stain clearly visible!

So far, nothing unusual: it is normal that with the passage of time and use (silver, in particular, blackens and becomes opaque over time simply in contact with oxygen), your silver objects and your steel surfaces no longer have the splendor of the past.


Consequently, unless you want to lock them in boxes and forget them in the garage, you will have to deal with their cleaning. For most people, the real problem arises at this point.

When you realize that it's time to clean the silver and steel, you are overwhelmed by a series of solutions that are difficult to put into practice because they require grandmother's methods, unworkable tools and long times that you could certainly dedicate to more pleasant activities. Any examples?

  • Ash paste obtained by boiling 100 grams of wood ash for more than an hour in an old pot, stirring with a wooden stick.

  • White wine mixed in a glass of boiling water with baking soda.

  • Mixture of lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide.

  • Glass container lined with aluminum, filled with water, coarse salt and bicarbonate.

But the best part comes now:

  • Potato cooking water mixed with vinegar.

  • Rubbing with toothpaste.

  • Rubbing with extra virgin olive oil.

Furthermore, if you try to use abrasive or metal sponges you run the risk of permanently scratching the surfaces you just wanted to clean. As if that wasn't enough, most of the detergents you find in the supermarket are very aggressive; as well as hurting you, they can, once again, permanently damage the surfaces you just wanted to clean.


You will realize how these solutions, however valid, cannot be applied. There is no time, you don't always have all these tools at hand. Cleaning should be immediate, simple and quick.

But really, is it so difficult to polish silver and steel? No, absolutely no.

All you need is a product, which millions of people like you are already using, with enormous satisfaction and saving time. Please continue reading.

Scracchio is the miracle cloth that will make your steel and silver surfaces shine .

The Scracchio brand is YOUR definitive solution. Abandon your worries and take back the time to dedicate to yourself, to your family, to what is closest to your heart!

There is a Scracchio product for all your needs, it is the result of the application of advanced production technologies together with the use of selected and valuable raw materials.

The exceptional qualities of resistance, elasticity and practicality have made it unique and irreplaceable for keeping steel and silver shiny for longer. Do we want to talk about the ADVANTAGES?

  1. Practicality. Scracchio does not necessarily need to be combined with a chemical detergent; It works great alone, wet under tap water.

  2. Long duration. Read the testimonies of people who no longer needed to constantly buy new cloths FOR YEARS.

  3. Does not leave lint. On the surfaces you are going to treat, NEVER EVER will you have to remove even a single hair or residue. Your items will remain clean and immaculate.

For more specific uses, here are the other Scracchio cloths that are right for you:

  • If the steel surface to be treated is a hob or sink you can use Scracchio Cucina ;




  1. Wet the Scracchio cloth under running water and, from the opposite side of the fabric (the side opposite the brand), clean the surface.
  2. Rinse it under running water and wring it out, then using the part of the fabric where the brand is present to dry the surface.

In both cases, to eliminate excessive dirt and encrustations, the advice is to dilute 2 caps of Detercrema Universale in 5 liters of water.

Detercrema Universale is a Natural and Ecological detergent, NON-AGGRESSIVE because it is obtained from plant extracts.

How often do you have to repeat these operations to have shiny silver and steel? Well, this depends on the time you have available and how intensively the objects and surfaces in question are used. It is clear that by repeating the cleaning several times a week the procedure will seem simpler and less tiring.

On the contrary, if more days pass between one cleaning and another, the dirt will tend to settle more.


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