Have you ever wondered how to clean the kitchen when the dirt is stubborn and it seems impossible to make it go away?

How much do you like preparing new dishes and always experimenting with new dishes to amaze and leave your guests speechless? But once dinner is over, who thinks about cleaning?

Cleaning the kitchen is the least pleasant part for many people, especially at the end of a dinner spent in good company and which lasted until late. Yet the stove is there, greasy and greasy and ready to be cleaned and shine again!

What methods do you use to bring the kitchen to its natural whiteness?

Clean the kitchen with sponges and rags of all colors and sizes. There is something you don't know. How many colored sponges do you have at home? Do you also use an infallible method to distinguish those intended for cleaning the kitchen from those you use for the bathroom and other areas of the house?

Is there something you don't take into consideration and do you know what it is?

The same number of bacteria lives in kitchen sponges as we would find in feces! Does it seem hygienic to clean the kitchen using sponges and cloths that are so dirty? This was said by a team of German researchers from the University of Furtwangen.

The result of this study is that 362 different types of bacteria were found on the sampled sponges, many of which were not harmful but, according to what the creator of the study, Markus Egert, claims:

What surprised us is that five of the ten types we identified belong to the so-called risk group 2. This means that they are potential pathogens”.

Washing sponges doesn't save you from the presence of bacteria! I already know what you're thinking. You think you are out of cases like the one just described, because you periodically take care of cleaning the sponges themselves.

What you do is immerse the sponges in tubs of boiling water, convinced that you can sterilize them in this way. You keep making mistakes! Boiling water encourages bacteria to become more and stronger than before! Resistant bacteria are able to survive this cleaning process and quickly repopulate the spaces you thought you had removed them from.

Do you know what researchers think is the solution to this situation? Cleaning sponges should be changed every week, with a cost of around €0.70 / €0.80 per single piece. Multiplying this figure by the 52 weeks that make up an average year, we arrive at €40.00.

Away with the kitchen cleaning sponge. What alternatives are there?

I know you're thinking about the myriad of DIY solutions that many websites recommend. You can find everything online: there are those who recommend grappa, vinegar and vodka, just as there are others who advocate mixtures of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.

Are you sure you want to prepare these concoctions every day? Do you think you have the time? Do you think they can work? What if there was a single product capable of replacing these "magic potions" whose effectiveness no one guarantees you?


How to clean your stove and kitchen with a single cloth, keeping dirt and bacteria away.


Do you know what product I'm talking about? Obviously from Scracchio Cucina , the cloth that brings all the surfaces of your kitchen to new condition, including the steel stoves which are usually the most unpleasant to clean.

You will be able to take care of the daily cleaning of hobs of all types, stoves, hoods, ovens and microwave ovens, as well as fridges and sinks. Every part of your kitchen will shine again thanks to Scracchio Cucina and dirt will be defeated, even the most stubborn! After trying it, you can tell your friends how to clean steel stoves which, even for them, represent a real enemy.

It is a cloth composed of a particular fibre, extremely breathable, absorbent and elastic. Scracchio Cucina: what is the best kitchen degreaser that I can use it with?

Scracchio Cucina guarantees excellent results even when used alone, accompanied exclusively by running water . With just the use of Scracchio Cucina you can remove dirt, wash, rinse and dry. The size of the cloth is the result of a careful survey among consumers and combines excellent craftsmanship with extreme effectiveness.

As an alternative to running water and to give the kitchen a touch of perfume, you can use Scracchio Cucina in combination with one of the Detercrema products. But now, connecting to the research I told you about before, the question is: how many times can Scracchio Cucina be used before bacteria colonize it and it needs to be replaced?

Here's the answer! You can use Scracchio Cucina for your daily cleaning and, at the end of each use, you can simply wash it with hot or warm water.

If the cloth is particularly dirty, you can degrease it with Detercrema Ultrasgrassatore .

With reference to the resistance of the cloth, then, you can rest assured. The extreme elasticity of the fiber that makes up the Scracchio gives it a durability that is not comparable to any cloth on the market.

Therefore, about a couple of years will have to pass before having to replace your Scracchio Cucina.

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