Tips for complete cleaning of glass and mirrors.

Are you able to clean glass and mirrors without leaving streaks? How many times have you tried and how few times have you succeeded?

Glass and mirrors are among the most annoying surfaces to clean. Whether you are an expert or not, it doesn't matter.

We see people on the verge of desperation who try everything, who buy products of all kinds and brands, who persist in trying microfibre cloths, micro-perforated cloths, sponge cloths, fiber cloths, magic cloths but NOTHING. Glass and mirrors just don't seem to want to collaborate.

Also in this case, as for cleaning the shutters that I talked about in this article, there are many opinions and often conflicting with each other. We all agree that cleaning windows and mirrors is one of the most annoying tasks of all household chores. Glass and mirrors are surfaces on which all kinds of dirt nest. It makes me think of the oven glass, of those of the shower box, of the glass of windows and mirrors in the bathroom or furniture in the living room.

When we talk about dirt nestled on glass and mirrors, it is not always just simple dust but also encrustations from atmospheric agents, imprints made with dirty hands and greasy fingers of children. To combat this dirt, there are those who talk about damp rags and detergents and then there are those who, with more imagination, mention the potential of tea leaves, coffee filters, shaving cream and cotton swabs.

In many articles around the web it is written that to obtain shiny and streak-free glass and mirrors you must organize yourself based on the degree of dirt to be removed. People who love more traditional methods recommend purchasing special detergents for cleaning glass and mirrors.

Others, however, those who inherited the methods from their grandmothers so to speak, recommend natural remedies and present themselves as strong supporters of elements such as vinegar, alcohol and bicarbonate.

SCRATCHING OF SURFACES . The Scracchio cloth for windows that fights even the most difficult to remove dirt, in just two steps .

Forget your grandmother's advice, the information you got here and there online, the advice of your friends and entrust your household chores to ally number 1: Scracchio Superfici. Thanks to Scracchio, cleaning glass and mirrors will be very simple, even in the case of dirt that is more difficult to remove.

The things you will need to do are ONLY 2:

  1. Wet Scracchio surfaces with running water
  2. Squeeze the rag well and pass it over glass and mirrors going from left to right and vice versa, avoiding circular movements.

Regarding the frequency, this depends a little on the time you have available and the hours you can dedicate to household chores each week. It is clear that by repeating the cleaning of glass and mirrors several times a week the procedure will seem simpler and less tiring.

On the contrary, if several days pass between one cleaning and another, the dirt will tend to settle more.

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