Advice that explains how to keep the house clean by sanitizing every surface with a single product and saying goodbye to dirt.

Let's start with a question.

How many different detergents do you buy, each time, to keep the surfaces of your home clean?

All of us, myself included, are used to seeing a myriad of advertisements for different detergents - each intended for a specific area of ​​the house or a specific use. Floor detergents, detergents to sanitize the bathroom, to make the kitchen shine or make the marble floor shine.

But how much difference is there, really, between these detergents for cleaning the house?

What would happen if you used a detergent suitable for a marble floor for the bathroom surfaces?

I know that situations like this never happen to you and that you are organized to the point of knowing if a detergent needs to be repurchased, before you find yourself forced to use a product intended for the bathroom for the kitchen, or vice versa.

I also know, however, that if there was a single product for all the surfaces in your home you would buy it. Well, this product exists and I'll introduce it to you soon!

Cleaning the house is not always child's play: it requires time, money and a lot of attention to the marks and residues left by the clothes. No one could ever be satisfied with an approximate and superficial cleaning of the house.

Among the millions of products for cleaning the house, which is the best to choose?


Clean and fragrant house. Detercrema Universale , a single detergent to clean the house and all its surfaces.


The paragraph title needs no additional explanation. Detercrema Universale solves the problem I mentioned in the first part of the article.

I'll summarize it briefly for you.

- With Detercrema Universale you do NOT need different detergents depending on the areas of the house to be cleaned.

- With Detercrema Universale you save because you will NO longer have to buy different products.

- With Detercrema Universale you do NOT have annoying streaks to remove and household cleaning is speeded up.

Yet, the very name of the product already suggests its best features.

But at this moment I would like to go deeper and give you all the necessary explanations, starting from some questions that consumers asked me before purchasing.


1. Since it is a single product, how is it possible that it is perfect for cleaning different areas of the house?

Detercrema Universale is a biodegradable product, as well as a detergent composed of natural ingredients, such as wine vinegar, bay leaves and juniper extract. The combination of these elements makes the detergent extremely effective and able to act against all types of dirt without altering or ruining the materials the surfaces are made of.
Detercrema Universale is suitable for all washable surfaces in your home, therefore for tiles, floors, marble, bathroom fixtures, taps, stoves and areas - in general - where dirt tends to nest and concentrate.


2. Detercrema Universale is presented as a sanitizer. In what sense?

Let's go back to vinegar for a moment. This component has always been used to treat surfaces.
A recent study showed that acetic acid has strong disinfectant properties. This type of acid, in fact, is capable of killing even microbacteria, the most stubborn ones so to speak.


3. When using Detercrema Universale, should the product be left on before acting?

Among the qualities of Detercrema Universale is its immediate effectiveness. In fact, the product does not need time to act and can be placed directly on the stain or dirt to be removed.


4. Can I use Detercrema Universale every day or are there any limitations?

Detercrema Universale is perfect for everyday household cleaning. Furthermore, you can use it either pure or diluted with water because, thanks to the natural ingredients it is made of, it is not aggressive or harmful either to surfaces or to your skin.


5. What is the difference between Universal Detercrema and Ultradegreaser Detercrema ?

The Ultragreaser contains specific natural extracts to degrease harder materials and more stubborn dirt that require greater insistence. Detercrema Universale, on the other hand, is good for daily application, to sanitize areas that are not too encrusted and to leave a pleasant scent of eucalyptus in the rooms.

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