Scracchio Cloths : I'll explain how to use them and what precautions to take

It very often happens that consumers purchase Scracchio cloths without knowing much, but only because they are curious to try the novelty that many are talking about. The most common mistake they make is using Scracchio cloths as if they were normal microfiber cloths for everyday cleaning.

Well, that's not the case, and I'll immediately explain why.


Scracchio cloths are in High Use fibre, a material designed to wear out very slowly and to last a long time. Follow me in these lines and dispel any doubts.

What are the dimensions of the cloths?

As you know, the Scracchio cloth line is vast and each cloth has its own specific dimensions. I'll list them for you:


- Can it be used once purchased or do I need to prepare the cloth for first use?

When Scracchio arrives at your home, and before even using it, I recommend rinsing it thoroughly under warm running water. This operation will eliminate, if there are any, processing residues and will activate the fiber of the cloth.


- Should the Scracchio cloth be used on all surfaces or does each surface require the use of a specific cloth?

Scracchio Superfici is ideal for cleaning glass, mirrors, furniture, crystal or objects and can be used exclusively with water. Scracchio Cucina is not afraid of combined use with detergents with the exception of bleach and ammonia which would be too aggressive for the fibre. This cloth is to be used for hobs, ovens, hoods, refrigerators.


- For the daily cleaning of any type of floor there are Scracchio Pavimenti and Scracchio Parquet , which thanks to the elasticity and absorbency of the fiber guarantee deep and fast cleaning.

For all cloths (except for Scracchio Superfici) I recommend using our Detercrema , as they are designed specifically to be used with cloths. They will guarantee a longer life and being eco-friendly they are not aggressive for the fiber and the skin!


- How is Scracchio stored?

After use, before being stored, Scracchio cloths should be rinsed under running tap water and left to dry. This operation will prepare the cloths for subsequent use! Remember to never store them damp or wet!


- Should the Superfici cloth be washed in the washing machine?

Absolutely not and I'll explain why: High Use fibre really needs very few precautions to get clean after each use. Follow the precautions I gave you in the previous answer and avoid washing clothes in the washing machine, as its spins would ruin it.


- How can I periodically wash Scracchio clothes?

To prevent the fiber of the cloth from becoming soaked in dirt with continuous use, I recommend leaving it to soak overnight in hot water with a little neutral detergent. The next day just rub it vigorously under running water and it will be ready to get back to work!


Well, these are the questions our consumers ask us most often. I'm sure I've answered all your doubts. 

If this is not the case, and if you have anything else to ask us, write to us or on our social pages Facebook and Instagram with all the questions you have about the products.

We will answer everything and guarantee you flawless use of your cloths.

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