Don't buy a microfiber cleaning cloth if you haven't read this first.

Are you looking for a microfibre cloth for your home cleaning? Have you already tried microfiber cleaning rags? If by reading these two questions you answered yes, it is exactly you that my words are addressed to.


It is now well known that microfibre is one of the most used materials for domestic and non-domestic cleaning.

There is, of course, an explanation for all this.

The capillary structure of the fibers present in a cloth of this type allows dirt to be captured and stored, reducing it into very small particles. The result is a clean and dry surface after the first pass.


"Perfect!" – you will say. But pay attention to the question I'm about to ask you.

What if there was a cloth that replaced the common microfiber with a patented fiber that lasts over time?

Scracchio Superfici is the household cleaning cloth that simultaneously cleans, dusts and dries any surface. The material it is made of is a High Use fiber patented in Europe and the United States .


What is the advantage of fiber?

  • The fiber has a lifespan of more than 5 years of use.
  • The fiber allows you to use the cloth even WITHOUT detergents and only with running water.
  • The fiber is easily washable.
  • The fiber guarantees deep cleaning of surfaces.
  • The fiber does not leave streaks.
  • The fiber allows for total breathability.
  • The fiber facilitates the triple function of the cloth: perfect for dusting, cleaning, drying and polishing every household surface in a single pass, allowing a considerable saving of time.


There are only two things to do when using Scracchio Superfici :

  1. Wet the cloth under warm or hot water and pass it over the surface to be cleaned.
  2. Rinse it, wring it out and proceed with drying.

It's time to shake up your housekeeping and take a leap forward. Your true ally for quick and easy cleaning is fibre!

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