If you are here reading these lines, it is likely that you have noticed how even a simple task such as cleaning the tiles in the kitchen, bathroom or shower can turn out to be a very difficult obstacle course, sometimes impossible, given the tools, the time and the results which among other things are never as you would like.


As if that weren't enough, it's enough to put a floor in the house of some acquaintance to feel a strange feeling of embarrassment: order reigns in the house, it seems that the tiles in their kitchen were laid yesterday, those in the bathroom and shower practically shine, not to mention the escapes.

In short, it is as if they had found the solution. It seems like they have a cleaning company at their disposal every day while you are still there looking for the right detergent, the right method, the right cloth to clean the tiles.

In the meantime, time passes, chores increase, desire decreases, dissatisfaction skyrockets and surely someone is coming to visit you, always ready to judge the state of decay of your home.


Luckily for you, this introduction was written to make you understand that we know practically every problem, insecurity, fear of all the people like you who fight every day to win the house cleaning war.


So here is the definitive solution, already discovered by thousands of other consumers around the world, to clean the tiles (and tile joints) in your kitchen, bathroom and your shower and make them shine so much that your friends and relatives will wonder what your secret is!


Scracchio Superfici is the definitive solution. Abandon your worries and take back the time to dedicate to yourself, to your family, to what you care about! Why? Because Scracchio doesn't require attention, but just 2 simple moves ; you have to:

  1. wet Scracchio under warm or hot water and clean the tiles using the opposite side of the fabric (the side opposite the brand);
  2. rinse the cloth, wring it out and dry it using the side of the fabric where the brand is present.

One of the advantages of Scracchio is that it works without detergent , but if you want to disinfect the tiles leaving a pleasant scent in the room you can dilute 2 caps of Detercrema Universale Concentrato in 5 liters of water.


Concentrated Universal Detercrema is a Natural and Ecological detergent, non-aggressive because it is obtained from plant extracts.

And how do I clean the tile joints?

It may happen that the real problem is the tile joints, rather than the tiles themselves. In fact, kitchen tile grout is the most likely to become soaked with dirt and grease due to all the fumes that are given off when you cook. Welcome greasy, yellow, sticky tiles.

For bathroom tiles, however, the problem is that the joints get dirty due to the foam and soap in which they drown every day. Furthermore, the typical humidity of all bathrooms, over time, opens the doors to another unwanted guest: mold!


You can read all kinds of things on the internet: use a toothbrush, a clean cloth, bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, essential oil. Or buy a special appliance for steam cleaning.

What else?

I know for a fact that you don't wake up in the morning to clean the tiles, nor do you have the desire to dedicate yourself to purchasing all these makeshift tools also because you know that your work would be enough to make everything clean.


So stay calm. Also put away toothbrushes, magic powders and enchanted oils.

If the tile joints are as dirty as a dog splashing in a puddle in an abandoned countryside, dilute 2 caps of Concentrated Detercrema Anti-limescale in 5 liters of water, but if the dirt is persistent the product can also be used pure directly on Scracchio Superfici . Detercrema Concentrated Anti-Limescale is also a Natural and Ecological detergent.

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