If you think that washing the floor is an activity that isn't worth searching for information on the web, well, you're probably right. It's not that complicated and doesn't require special skills. The problem arises when this very basic task is performed with the wrong tools.

The floor is that surface of the house that is mistreated more than any other: we step on it, we drop objects, unlikely liquids, food, we move chairs and furniture and leave unsightly marks, ruining the splendor of the early days.

Ah, how nostalgic!


So, if you now look on the ground, perhaps you will only find a dirty floor, opaque at best, with dust stuck in the most unreachable corners, to be washed (immediately!) with equipment such as a crumpled cloth and a drum that cannot stand upright. feet.

How much would you like a quick and painless solution capable of making a monotonous operation like washing the floor look beautiful?


How much would you like a single tool to make a single pass and be satisfied with the result

Stop for a few seconds and let's try to retrace the operations you do when you realize you have to clean and wash the floor: take the broom or the vacuum cleaner (in the latter case drag it into the room concerned, unplug it from the socket where it was connected, plug it into the affected room, vacuum it but at a certain point you realize that it has been disconnected because you moved too far away, so go back, reconnect it and complete the job), eliminate the dust, fill the bucket with water, add the detergent , take the stick and the cloth... Well, you already know the rest.


In short, these are many small inconvenient operations which, if optimised, could reward you with a better result as well as with dozens of precious minutes that you can dedicate to other commitments that have overlapped in the meantime. Or, more simply, to the people and things you care about most!

Are you wondering what is the way to optimize everything? Because, if you're wondering, you've actually never tried the solution I'm about to propose.

If you are wondering, you are not among the millions of people who live calmer days, who are not buried by daily domestic commitments, who do not have to struggle once again to find the definitive solution to a perpetually dirty floor.


Finally, if you're still wondering, you don't know Scracchio.


Scracchio Pavimenti is the miracle cloth that will make you live peacefully when you have to wash the floor! Scracchio Pavimenti is the definitive solution for washing the floor.

Leave all your worries behind and save time on all the people who get stuck in the inconveniences of household cleaning!


Why Scracchio?

Because it is the result of the application of advanced production technologies together with the use of selected and valuable raw materials.

Its composition, exceptional qualities of resistance, elasticity and practicality have made it unique and irreplaceable for keeping any type of wooden floor shiny for longer.


Do we want to talk about the advantages?

  • Practicality. The composition of Scracchio allows you to sweep away dirt, but more than anything else, it is recommended for washing a floor. Don't worry and put away all the long-haired or short-haired clothes that you have accumulated up to now. Only one cloth is needed to clean your floor. Crack.
  • Long-lasting. Read the testimonies of people who no longer needed to constantly buy new cloths FOR YEARS.
  • Does not leave lint. On the surfaces you are going to treat, NEVER EVER will you have to remove even a single hair or residue. Your floor will literally remain spotless.


How to use?

Immerse Scracchio Pavimenti in the bucket of water, preferably hot or warm, rub it and squeeze it lightly, proceed to clean the floor with the fabric facing opposite to the brand, the slight porosity of the fiber will allow you to eliminate shoe marks together with all the stains.

Rinse Scracchio in the bucket of water, wring it out thoroughly and proceed to dry the floor with the fabric facing towards the brand. In a very short time, what was previously a dirty floor will instead be shiny and uniform.


With which detergent?

If you already have a favorite detergent you can use that, but I recommend at least testing the neutral floor detergent cream created specifically to work together with the Scracchio cloths: you can pour two scoops of Detercrema Universale Concentrato into the bucket of water.


Detercrema Universale Concentrato is a natural detergent cream, biodegradable because it is based on vegetal extracts, does not foam and can be used not only for floors but also for other surfaces home!

It will release a unique scent in your home and will literally make your floor shine!

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