Forget about kitchen rags for drying dishes. Today you have the solution to dry plates, glasses and cutlery without leaving residues on the porcelain, the glass and silver.

How many times do you wash the dishes during the course of a day?

Once washed, what do you use to dry plates, glasses and cutlery?

You will think, “I have the dishwasher for this!”.


But have you ever thought about the fact that a drying program uses 40% more energy, with a consequent impact on the environment and on bill? One solution is often to open the dishwasher door at the end of the wash to allow natural drying. But here appear limescale stains and obnoxious opaque dishes!


We are therefore at the starting point: back to drying!

For this operation you will probably use cloth tea towels and kitchen rags. Comfortable, practical and to throw in the washing machine when excessively dirty. Millions of colors and patterns available, to be combined with pot holders and aprons, it becomes the must-have for kitchen linen. But... are you fully satisfied? We have asked this question to many consumers: the most odious inconvenience is the presence of lint! Well, we are looking for perfect drying, we are there rubbing from the first glass to the last piece of cutlery but we should expect it from a fabric cloth.


From this moment you will say goodbye to annoying fabric residues on your dishes! Scracchio wanted to give you an alternative: it's called Scracchio Stoviglie !

It is a cloth created specifically for drying your dishes quickly and with a guaranteed level of absorbency from the first wipe. Dishes, pots, glasses and cutlery will be dry and without streaks or residues.

The peculiarity lies in the type of fiber that composes it: a special material that contains properties of breathability, resistance, absorbency and elasticity.


The cloth is therefore extremely absorbent, excellent for drying and at the same time polishing without leaving the fuzz of the classic kitchen rag.

Furthermore, unlike the latter, if it is excessively wet it must be wrung out and is immediately ready to be used again! Once you try it, you will wonder how often you will have to change it. You do not have to worry! Due to its intended use and the elasticity of the fibre, you will forget the date of your last purchase of Scracchio Stoviglie!


The convenience of using a normal kitchen rag also lies in the fact that when it is dirty you can wash it in the washing machine, like a normal fabric.


What do you do with Scracchio Dishes when it's dirty?

All you need to do is pass it daily under running water with some neutral detergent. Or, if excessively dirty, you will have to leave it to soak in hot water with a few drops of the same detergent for a couple of hours.


We know that having to wash dishes is not very pleasant but seeing them shine following a well-done washing and drying will be rewarding!

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