The degreaser is by its nature the fastest and most effective product among all detergents.
Why? Just one spray and the dirt goes away like magic! Do you agree?

However, you forget a fundamental detail: to ensure the effectiveness of a professional degreaser, some chemical components are mixed together.
But, beyond the damage that these chemical agents cause, there is something else to consider and that is that all the degreasers on the market are sold in bottles with practical spray dispensers. Well.

But have you ever thought about the areas, dishes or foods that could be contaminated by the detergent thanks to the very practical spray?
They are certainly contaminated, considering that you cannot calculate the exact point where the small particles of product will end up.

What result do you get from using a professional liquid degreaser?

It is preferable to use liquid products rather than spray ones because the risk of them coming into contact with the eyes or respiratory system is much lower.
Furthermore, the same chemical substances that make up a degreaser are often aggressive even for the very surfaces we intend to clean. How many people complain about ruined furniture due to the detergents used during cleaning?
Therefore, there are many problems that we often do not give importance to, linked to the use of detergents and in particular degreasers.

DIY degreaser and grandma's remedies. Do they really work?

Are you among the people who resort to grandmother's old remedies or DIY detergents for household cleaning? And what result do you get from using these mixtures? How many times are you forced to pass through the same point? There is a solution to all this and I would like to introduce it to you!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Detercrema Ultradegreaser : the best degreaser for all surfaces in the home.

You don't have to make endless passes to clean the same area.

You will no longer have to scrub insistently on surfaces.

Detercrema Ultrasgrassatore it is an ecological product, concentrated and based on plant extracts, as stated on the label, as well as biodegradable and with high skin compatibility.

What could possibly be so different from all the degreasers on the market?

Being a product that comes from nature, you can leave it to act for a long time and be sure that it will not damage the surface.

Detercrema Ultrasgreasatore is also the ideal solution for wood and releases a pleasant, non-tiring scent.

It's perfect for:

  • Degrease the fabrics
  • Remove oil, chocolate and blood stains
  • Pre-treat the collars of the shirts (just immerse the shirt in cold water, pour a capful of product on the stain to be treated and leave it to soak for at least an hour).

Now you're probably wondering how Detercrema Ultrasgrassatore is compatible with the skin.

It is a natural productand, therefore, free of chemicals that alter the natural PH of the skin.

And also, why isn't it a spray like many degreasers on the market?
When a natural detergent is created, a gelatinous substance is extracted from plants which, even after the manufacturing process, has such a consistency that it could never be atomized through a trigger and above all could not be concentrated.

Another reason to choose it?
The bottle is 1000 ml, much more than normal degreasers on the market so you can use it several times, also because a few drops are enough! You will save money while respecting the environment!

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